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What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium and which one are you?


The difference is the energy I’m tapping into is either yours or the deceased person. The communication from a deceased person is called mediumship and the information from a living person is called psychic information. 


How long have you been a psychic medium? 


I have been a practicing psychic medium for over 28 years and have helped thousands of  people connect with passed loved ones and give guidance and direction on the future. I am passionate about my work and it’s been a privilege to assist so many wonderful people.


Do you help with cold case files?

I’ve read for and helped families of missing people and cold case investigations providing evidence of any deceased individuals, if applicable through Mediumship and psychically by providing any clues I pick up.


Do readings have to be in person? 

No, they don’t have to be in person because I’m connecting to you, I can connect directly to you and if I’m connecting to a deceased person I’m connecting to them if that makes sense. 


How should I prepare for a reading? 

By being open to the process and having any questions written down prior to the session so that you can ask them if they don’t come up in your session.


What if I’m skeptical?

I would say thats healthy and normal. But if you’re open and willing to listen and not trying to simply debunk or disprove the process, you will get something out of it. 


What can I expect from a psychic reading? 


I’ll tell you things and people I’m picking up on. Often a description, sometimes I get names or symbols. I’ll also draw from different tarot or card decks for guidance. It’s meant to be a positive experience, some people get emotional which is very normal. I always encourage people to keep the recording and refer to it after some reflection. 


Do I have to say anything in my session or do you do most of the talking?  


I definitely do most of the talking, but will be checking in with you to see how the information resonates and for confirmation that you’re feeling comfortable. 


What if you can’t connect to who I want?

If I can’t connect with who you want to connect with, I will refund your money. 


Can you connect to pets?  Yes I can connect with pets, both living and deceased. 


Can I gift a session to someone? Yes you can do so by purchasing on the store. 


Are the sessions recorded? Yes if session is over Zoom it is recorded and you will receive a digital copy of the session for reference. 


Can I have a friend or family member on the call? Yes, for an individual session you can have one or two people. A group session can be up to three to six people. 


What type of information do you need from me? Depending on the reading, I’d like to look at photos that would be relevant to questions you may have during the session. No photos with sunglasses please, as I am able to read faces. I do not need pictures of people who have passed so much as on folks who are living just to expand on information. 

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